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If you’ve got almond eyes like Beyoncé and Mila Kunis, the choice of your false lashes will depend entirely on your whims and the intensity you’re after. Yes, great news, you can absolutely apply whichever lashes you please.



If the inner corner of your eye points ever so slightly downwards, we recommend you go for false lashes that extend towards the outer lid. This shape of lash will open up your eyes, providing a lifting effect on your lids.


best lashes for you

Do your lids droop ever so slightly onto your lash line like Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively? To achieve a smoking look, you’ll want to choose full lashes to strike a balance between your hooded lid and the false lashes.


best lashes for you

Mono-lidded eyes or monolids are a defining characteristic of Asian beauties like Lana Condor and Lucy Liu. This type of eye shape is recognized by the flat surface linking the brow bone to the lash line. To give structure to your lids, go for lashes that have a full strip. Dramatic looks are also your best friend.


best lashes for you

Round eyes have a large circular shape that reveals the white of the eye all around the pupil.

Both Katy Perry and Ashley Olsen have round eyes. And you’re all part of the elite club as you can wear any false lash shape you desire.


Best Lashes For You

This is when you naturally have doe eyes like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner. All you need to do is find the right balance to lash up your lids with style.

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